The regular football season is over. Some teams are gearing up for playoffs. For others, another year of football ended for them Thursday or Friday night.

The latter of which came for the Rose Bud Ramblers after losing to the Melbourne Bearkatz 52-14, ending their season 2-8.

"2-8 doesn't sound good but when you don't play a season before, 2-8 is not too shabby," Rose Bub head coach Gregg Tibbitt said.

Despite the loss, it was a year to bounce back after not competing in the conference last year, having played only three games in 2018.

"It was kind of a rebounding season for us," Tibbitt said. "Not getting to play last year then getting two wins this year. Something to be proud of."

Rose Bud went scoreless in the first half, and trailed 46-0 going into halftime.

The second half was more promising after an onside kick by Rose Bud bounced off a Melbourne player and the Ramblers came up with it.

"The kids stuck around. They stuck it out all year. They worked hard," Tibbitt said.

Junior Dawson Robertson rushed for Rose Bud's first points of the game but another touchdown from a kickoff return by Melbourne added to the Bearkatz lead.

"One thing that I was proud of - we had numerous coaches in our district tell us that they didn't quit, and they played hard," Tibbitt said. "That's something they can be proud of."

The Ramblers had a "young" squad this season, according to Tibbitt. Having seniors in Michael Mayeaux, Austin Garrett, Mattia Pasquato, Braden Tapley, and Chance Reeves with the rest being underclassmen.

"We were young this year, only five seniors. Tapley got hurt early in the year and one is an exchange student. So really, you have three seniors playing for the majority of the year," Tibbitt said.

Tibbitt said that most of his players will be coming back next year to play including a lot of his offense and that he is "proud" of the way the season ended.

"Just proud of how we finished. Like I tell them, the first drive of the game was good and the last one was good it's just the in between there that we got to fix."

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