New Riverview athletic director

Nathan Claxton is the new athletic director for the Riverview School District. Claxton is a 2002 graduate of Riverview High School and has only coached and taught at the Searcy school.

Nathan Claxton is a lifer at Riverview High School.

Claxton, a 2002 graduate of the high school, is the new athletic director for the Riverview School District.

“When I got out of college, I interviewed for a job there and didn’t get it initially,” he said. “They had a coach leave, and they called me back the next day said they wanted me to come.”

Claxton was living in Jonesboro at that time.

“I got the call to come back home,” he said. “I was very fortunate out of college to come back and be able to coach at my alma mater. I’ve been at Riverview my entire career.”

During his tenure at Riverview, Claxton has been both the boys and girls assistant basketball coaches, head junior boys basketball coach and boys assistant and the last few years, he has been the girls assistant coach to Jeremiah Quattlebaum.

“I’ve been in basketball my entire time here,” Claxton said.

Claxton was offered the athletic director’s job when Stuart Hill became principal for grades 7 through 12 at Riverview.

“That was probably just too much on his plate to be that building principal and AD,” Claxton said. “I think the administration wanted to take that off his plate. That opportunity just presented itself.”

Claxton said he will probably still be teaching a class or two and possibly coaching some in the spring.

“I think I’ve been to every building on our campus at one point or another,” he said.

Claxton said his vision for the athletic program is to continue the positive things that are happening at the district.

“Obviously, we want to try to grow,” he said. “I think we’ve got some really good things happening at Riverview. I think we have some really good coaches on staff. We have some new coaches coming in. I think I can be an asset to those people coming in and help them out.

“Getting those new coaches going and keeping our programs going. We’re just trying to win and maintain what’s going on.”

Riverview recently hired a new girls basketball coach in Taylor Crappell and new football coach in Chris Keylon.

Claxton said he has mixed emotions about getting out of coaching basketball.

“I love coaching basketball and I still do,” he said. “I don’t know if that ever leaves you. It was really hard for me to step away from basketball. I love it. Those relationships you create with your players … that was something that was really hard for me to step away from. I love coaching basketball. It’s all I’ve known at Riverview.

“It was a pretty tough decision for me.”

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