In a physical, gritty game with plenty of drama, Greene County Tech was able to escape Searcy with its 10th win of the season, topping the host Lady Lions 47-34 on Wednesday.

Searcy coach Kim Sitzmann liked the way her team used the inside game to find the points and to force the Golden Eagles to foul and create scoring opportunities for the Lady Lions from the foul line, but the Lady Lions could not find enough support for its inside efforts..

“I thought that Ashley Brown had a good game. She used her height advantage and she finished down low,” Sitzmann said. “Other than that tonight, we struggled.”

Sitzmann said that Brown’s presence on the floor is important for the Lions offense especially when they have the height advantage. She takes space away under the basket and she just does a lot of other things that help the team.

However. the Lady Lions struggled to score baskets from the perimeter while Sitzmann used a low-post offense and tried to establish an inside post game from Brown.

Brown powered her way to 17 points and eight rebounds to lead the offense for the Lady Lions. Asharia Brown helped the Lady Lions scoring eight points and finishing the contest with four rebounds..

“We didn’t hit from the outside tonight but Brown did a good job,” Sitzmann said. “When they started to sag in there she could hit the open shooter, which is an improvement.”

Greene County Tech likes to get the ball down court in a hurry and get into a set offense. The Golden Eagles used a lot of passes around the perimeter and they moved the Lady Lions around on defense, looking for gaps in the passing lane and a good look at the basket.

“In this conference everybody is big and athletic. We tried to bring the big people out to cover us and that opens up the lane and we try to get a layup,” Greene County Tech coach Matthew Dean said. “We were so big and physical that we battled on the boards all night to keep them from shooting until they made it and I felt like that we did a good job.”

Leading the offense for the Golden Eagles against the Lady Lions, junior forward Kylie Stokes had 13 points and five rebounds. Senior point guard Brook Barnes finished the night with 11 points and four rebounds.

“We will battle with the best of them. We have big strong bodies and they don’t mind getting in there and bang it around in there,” Sitzmann said.

“Sometimes too much and we get into foul trouble with it, When you have two starters on the bench for most of the game we are down a couple of players when you have three subs off the bench and two of them in foul trouble it makes a difference in the length of the game.”

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