Dear Editor,

I am a resident just outside of Searcy. I live out on Foster Chapel Road. I have been unable to get to work since the first snowfall almost two weeks ago. I am wondering who I need to talk to and where I need to go in order for something to be done about my road in times like these.

I have my mom and stepfather living with me and the neighbors beside me are also elderly. My issue is that the police have even failed to get up here and I am sure that had something happened to one of the four elderly people that live on this easement over the course of the last two weeks, they wouldn’t have gotten to the hospital.

I am pretty sure that I pay taxes to allow for road maintenance in these circumstances, yet nothing is being done by the county, state or otherwise to allow for safe travels on this road. I am aware that there are more concerns than just my residence and those around me, but I feel this could be avoided in the future if the county took part in attempting to keep this road and others like it, clear to the best of their ability.

Luckily, emergency services haven’t been needed up to this point, but after my mother, that is on blood thinners, cut herself last night, I wondered what it would take in order to get her the emergency services needed in the event that she were to bleed profusely. I’m not just irritated about these people on my easement but I am concerned for people everywhere that don’t live in town and aren’t easily accessible in times like these. I am aggravated because I couldn’t go to work all this time in order to be able to care for my home and the people in it.

I feel that I am not the only one. It seems that since we are outside of city limits, our tax dollars don’t work for us where the roads are concerned. A lot of us are medical professionals and essential workers that are needed in this current pandemic and we can’t make it to work because, again, our tax dollars aren’t being used to make our roads accessible. 

All I’m saying is that some of us out here are more than just good ole boys in 4WD’s playing in the snow and living off the land. Something has to be done about this issue and soon. 

M’Keesha Moffett


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