Dear Editor,

Six months ago, my car door hit my shin on my left leg. It didn’t break the skin, but bruised my leg to the bone. I called my doctor and showed him my bruised leg and he said to go to the wound care department.

Monte Douglas took off the blood blister and dug out the dead skin cells. I thought I would die from the pain. We have to clean out the dead cells for four weeks, two months of wound vacuum and then five weeks skin graft from a major company then another five weeks of even heavier grafts. I had two infections and had to keep my sugar under 200 so it could heal.

I thought I was going to lose my leg or die and now I am completely healed! Not pretty but better than a stub. Everyone said you better go to Little Rock or you will lose your leg. I went and Dr. Loretta, Dr. Polo in the Heart Hospital wound department. She told me Monte Douglas was doing exactly what she would do. I stayed in Searcy and I am glad.

Letain Devore


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