There are three legislative meetings scheduled this month to review proposals for congressional redistricting.

Arkansans are welcome to attend these meetings and comment on the proposals. The proposals will be outlined in bills drafted by legislators. We have provided a link to the bills at

The House and Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committees will be meeting jointly in the MAC building directly behind the state Capitol.

The schedule will be as follows:

Sept. 20 (1 p.m.) — Any congressional redistricting bills that have been filed by Sept. 17 will be taken up by the committees.

Sept. 23 (1 p.m.) — Any congressional redistricting bills that have been filed by Sept. 21 will be taken up by the committees. 

Sept. 27 (1 p.m.) — Any congressional redistricting bills that have been filed by Sept. 24 will be taken up by the committees. 

The committees will take no action during these three meetings. 

It is anticipated that leadership will call members back into the extended session of the 93rd General Assembly on Sept. 29. That date is subject to change, and we will continue to update you on any developments.

The General Assembly is tasked with only drawing the boundaries of the U.S. House of Representatives districts in Arkansas. The Board of Apportionment is tasked with drawing the state legislative boundaries.

Our state’s population increased by 3.3 percent since 2010 when we last drew congressional boundaries. Some areas of the state have increased in population more than others. Our task is to redraw those boundaries now to ensure they are as equally populated as possible. 

All meetings will be live-streamed and recorded at

Rep. Les Eaves, R-Searcy, is serving his third term in the Arkansas House of Representatives. He can be reached at

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