White County Judge Michael Lincoln recently gave a county road progress report to the Quorum Court, saying he was shocked at how much work has been accomplished this year.

Lincoln told The Daily Citizen on Wednesday that the county has done 22 miles of asphalt overlay at $1.7 million and about 55 miles of chip-seal that includes repair and new projects at $2.1 million, with some more work still expected.

Concerning the chip-seal projects, “we have actually completed 11 of them,” he said. The list consists of Hodge Road, Fox Meadow and Watson roads, Mosher, Heard, North White County Volunteer Fire Department, Liberty Valley, Newhart, Dairy, White and Jones Loop.

Lincoln said he and the road department are proud that Liberty Valley is on the completed list now of the “chipped-reseal” roads. Other roads in this category, he said, are Lily, Blair, Strawberry, Henry Douglas, Albert Hill, Fox Meadow and L.D. Jones.

On asphalt zipped road progress, Lincoln said the following projects have been completed: West Vinity, Lebanon, Gum Springs, Kike Acres, Rio Vista, KOA, Brantley, Tanner, Bloodworth, Durham, Foster Chapel, County Line, School Road, Cemetery, John Fowlkes and Austin Loop.

Focusing on bridge work, Lincoln said the Nicholson and Dogwood bridge projects are done. He said the bridge also is completed on North Apple Street, but the road has not opened yet because he thinks there might be some backfill work needed.

Lincoln said the road department has 55 full-time employees. Its total, including part-timers, is made up of 14 grader operators, 10 truck drivers, 6 bush hog operators, 4 mechanics, 4 haul-off truck drivers, 4 excavator operators, 4 mini excavator operators, 4 season setup crew, 4 seasonal laborers, 2 road foreman, 2 pot-hole patchers, 1 part-time laborer, 1 road supervisor, 1 sign person, 1 chipper operator and 1 asphalt zipper operator. There are open positions for two full-time operators and one part-time laborer, he said.

Lincoln said there is one pot-hole patching machine and it takes two people to operate it. Seasonal employees work on setting up chip-seals and are used to handle weed eating and sometimes pick up trash. He said he does not need to fill the two full-time operator positions at this time, but he would like to fill the one part-time laborer position.

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