Shots fired near the vicinity of Birch Street and Vine Avenue on Monday morning caused brief soft lockdowns at two Searcy schools, according to the Searcy Police Department.

The lockdowns started around 10:30 a.m. and lasted five to 10 minutes at McRae Elementary School and Ahlf Junior High School, according to Lt. Todd Wells and Betsy Bailey, school/community coordinator for the Searcy School District.

Bailey said students were allowed to move around in the building but the doors were locked. Wells said the main thing during soft lockdowns is to get everybody inside and keep them safe while classes stay in session.

“It was a little ways from the school, but if it’s so close we will err on the side of caution and go ahead and lock it [the schools] down,” Wells said, adding that when the department found out students weren’t in any danger, the schools came off the soft lockdown.

According to Wells, the shots-fired call resulted in three persons of interest being detained and questioned.

“Nobody got hurt, nobody got shot, nothing like that,” he said. “They were shooting out of a vehicle, a car shooting at another car. They knew each other; it just wasn’t random like ‘let me shoot at this person.’

“We are just trying to get to the bottom of it, who exactly is shooting and what the motive and all that stuff is. They have been detained. It [the investigation] is still ongoing.”

The names of the persons of interest are not being released at this time, Wells said. ‘We haven’t got to the bottom of it. We have three of them [in custody, as of press time] so we have to get each one’s side of it. There was a couple people riding in the car, so we have to get exactly what is going on with them. There’s a lot of investigation going on.”

Wells said it did not appear that the vehicles were damaged. He said one of the cars was impounded and a search warrant “will be run on it.”

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