A Searcy business owner who is running for a position on the City Council addressed the council for the second time in two months last week about her interest in getting some use out of the old city pool on Moss Street, saying she had met with two contractors.

Karen Marshall said she met with a concrete specialist and another “who actually built the swimming pool at Forrest City,” and they discussed what could be used and what could be salvaged at the old pool and what has “to totally go.”

Searcy Parks and Recreation Director Mike Parsons, according to Marshall, has actually had somebody interested contact him about the old pumps at the pool. “The pump house obviously has to go,” she said. “That would be something else we wouldn’t have to actually deal with.”

As far as the concrete goes, Marshall said some of it is actually better than they thought it was but part of it is “absolutely destroyed from the chemicals.”

The old office building at the pool was also looked at, and she said it could be salvaged. “The concrete there is solid,” Marshall said. “The surrounding walls are solid; obviously the roof has leaks.”

Marshall said there was actually someone living in the old pool’s concession stand.” “It’s very easy to get into,” she said of the old pool’s entrance. “The first four times we went out there, we didn’t even have to have a key or anything.”

Marshall assured the council that her group was moving forward, trying to bring the council some facts and figures. The council had no comment about the pool, although Mayor Kyle Osborne told her, “Thank you.”

Marshall, who owns TLC Day Care in Searcy, previously told the council that the old pool could possibly be used for a basketball court once it was cleaned up. Her second idea she discussed was having a pavilion and splash pad area there.

Marshall said in order for anything to get done, the city would have to talk to engineers to get advice on the splash pad. She said if her memory was correct $105,000 to $110,000 was in the eight-year plan for a splash pad. (A projection from the city shows that the splash pad was estimated at $244,000.)

Marshall is running against former Searcy Mayor David Morris in November for the council seat now occupied by Mary Ann Arnett, who will be retiring.

The Searcy Swim Center at 525 Recreation Way has been open since late October 2017. In October 2018, city officials opened a dialogue on uses for the old pool. One idea was for a skateboarding area.

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