Justin Lee Story


A 37-year-old Searcy man who reportedly claimed that he was “instructed” to take his daughter from his parents’ residence and set it on fire is facing a couple of felony charges from the Feb. 27 incident.

A warrant was issued for Justin Lee Story late last week at the request of the 17th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on charges of class C felony false imprisonment in the first degree and class D felony reckless burning. He was not in custody in the White County Detention Center on Wednesday, and no court appearance had been scheduled.

According to the affidavit written by Detective Andrew C. Holloway of the White County Sheriff’s Office, Story was spending the night with his parents at a residence on Red Hill Road “so he could spend some time with his daughter,” who is under the age of 10. Story’s parents reportedly have full custody of the child.

During the night, Story’s mother reportedly said she awoke to his father telling him to leave because he was “acting strangely.” She said she was told by her husband to call 911 because Story then attempted to leave with the child through a bedroom window, Holloway wrote.

He reportedly also “pushed a dresser in front of the bedroom door and lit a box on fire” after being told to leave. The box was on top of the dresser.

Story’s father said he “forced his way into the room and grabbed” the child before Story could escape with her out the window, Holloway wrote. Story then reportedly left through the window.

After he was later found and arrested, he reportedly told Holloway about being “instructed” to do what he did, although no mention is made of who gave him those instructions. He reportedly admitted to the accusations against him.

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