Providing prom for Riverview students

Tammy Washington (center), the mother of two Riverview High School graduates, Dymond Smith (left) and J.T. Smith, is part of a parent group holding a prom for the school’s juniors and seniors after the school district determined through two surveys that there was a lack of interest in having one this year.

The mom of two Riverview High School graduates is trying to make sure the school’s current juniors and seniors get the chance to experience prom even though the school is not hosting one this year based on the results of surveys of its students.

In order to have prom, Tammy Washington said she and some other parents and Riverview students are going to hold two donation car washes Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Abateplus at 2709 Eastline Road, down the street from Love’s Truck Stop, and 1-5 p.m. at Raiders No. 1 Station at 848 Arkansas Highway 367 in Judsonia.

“It’s quite a few parents because they want the students to have one [a prom],” she said.

Washington, who said she is known to all the kids as “Momma Tammy,” said she wants the students to be able to create prom memories to treasure like her children, J.T. Smith, class of 2018, and Dymond Smith, class of 2016, did.

“This brings me a lot of joy because my son played AAU ball all his life and he never went to a prom, but he went his senior year and he is so glad that he went. she said. “The smile on his face just really crushed me. It kind of made me feel for these parents. These kids need a prom. This is memories right here. These are memories.”

Riverview School District Superintendent Stan Stratton said that whether or not to hold prom was left up to the students.

“When all the restrictions started getting lifted and everything, we surveyed our juniors and seniors,” Stratton said. “We basically gave them three options: not having prom, having prom here at the school – and it would cost this much and we would need this many people to participate to be able to pay the DJ and all those associated costs – and the third thing was to have it off campus – and it would cost this different money and we would need this amount of money for this amount of people to participate.

“In the first survey, there wan’t enough participation for either one of the two options for prom. So then we surveyed them a second time and said on campus or no prom, and we still didn’t have enough participation that would commit to coming to one on campus and what it was going to cost. So at that point a decision was made not to have a prom, but it was really based on student feedback. There just wasn’t really enough students interested. We didn’t cancel until there was a lack of student interest. We surveyed them twice.”

Stratton said he was aware of the parent group trying to hold a prom.

Tickets for that prom are $50 per couple or $25 for individuals and are available at U.S. Copy and Printing at 2115 E. Race Ave. until May 3. The prom will be held at The Wedding Barn and EventsCenter at 317 Little Red Mountain Road in Pangburn on May 8 from 6-10 p.m.

“It will be called ‘An Evening Under the Stars,’” Washington said.

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