Pangburn has landed $129,000 from the Arkansas Department of Transportation to rebuild and repair its sidewalks, according to Mayor Mike Marsh.

“It’s the Trails to School grant program and what we will be doing is rebuilding/repairing the sidewalk in front of all the businesses on Main Street and also the sidewalk going down Searcy Street, right there in the middle of town,” Marsh said. “It may be another six or eight months to kick off this project. We have been awarded the grant but now we have to do the engineering and all that kinds of stuff.”

Marsh said Pangburn applied for the grant over a year ago. He said it was a long process. The current sidewalks, according to Marsh, are “50 years old are better and are pretty beat-up with cracks, uneven.”

He said the city is looking forward to putting the new sidewalks in and “restoring for everything uptown.”

Pangburn’s portion of the sidewalk program will be $32,500, Marsh said.

“It’s going to be an exciting project,” he said.

Marsh said Pangburn also has won the “Trendsetter City Award” from Arkansas Business.

“We won it for cities under 5,000 population,” Marsh said. “We won it for public safety because we’ve been cross-training our police department and our fire department as first responders and firemen.

“... We are excited about it because it honors our public safety departments and they are both working really hard to keep us safe. I am just proud of them.”

Pangburn is stronger if everyone is together, Marsh stressed. “That is where we are at. We are all together. We’re working together; we’re helping each other.

Marsh said the city also just got a grant for $5,762 for the fire department. “We got it from the Arkansas Department of Rural Services. We are going to be purchasing a washing and drying system for our fire department so they can wash their turnouts.”

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