A 32-year-old Mount Vernon man has been charged with rape involving a then-5-year-old child over 10 years ago.

A warrant was issued for Jesse James McNinch last week at the request of the 17th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on the class Y felony charge. McNinch was not in custody in White County on Monday, and no court appearance had been scheduled.

According to the affidavit written by Detective Derek Warren with the White County Sheriff’s Office, the Arkansas Crimes Against Children Division “investigated a case involving physical abuse” Nov. 4, 2011, at a residence on Harlan Road in Mount Vernon.

Although a “true finding of physical abuse” resulted from the investigation, the alleged victim reportedly “did not disclose any sexual abuse” until being told July 14, 2021, that McNinch had died. Being unaware that McNinch had not died, the alleged victim reportedly said McNinch “had tied him up with an extension cord” in 2011, anally raped him and “struck him several times.”

A forensic interview Aug. 8 revealed the McNinch had chased the alleged victim around a room with the cord before tying him up, Warren wrote. The alleged victim also said McNinch threatened to hurt his mother if he told her about the rape.

McNinch was interviewed Sept. 30 and reportedly told Warren he “knew this would come up.” On Oct. 6, McNinch “refused to cooperate in the investigation anymore and stated, ‘I didn’t do whatever it was,’” Warren wrote. “He then refused to be interviewed any further on this matter.”

In a separate case, Jared Leith Haggard, 29, of Searcy has been charged with class D felony domestic battery in the second degree in regard to a fight Nov. 2 at a North Main Street residence.

Haggard reportedly was lying on an older man “and hitting him with an unknown weapon” when Searcy police officers arrived on the scene. Haggard attempted to run into the house but was caught and arrested, Detective Greg Mote wrote.

The alleged victim, Haggard’s father, reportedly was “lying in a pool of blood” between vehicles in the driveway, and was taken to the Unity Health-White County Medical Center Emergency Room.

Haggard reportedly told officers that he and his father had been arguing and “he had thrown the axe weapon at him but missed” before they started fighting. Haggard said he was attempting to kill his father, who “sustained lacerations to his scalp, face and hands in addition to swelling on his face and head and a large hematoma on the left side of his head,” Mote wrote. He also had an eye injury after reportedly being poked in it by Haggard, who was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and admitted.

In another case, Edgar Ivan Mottu-Nunez, 32, of Searcy has been charged with three counts of class D felony aggravated assault, three counts of class D felony terroristic threatening in the first degree and class A misdemeanor domestic battering in the third degree, with enhanced penalties for offenses committed in presence of children. He was set to appear in White County Circuit Court this morning for plea and arraignment.

Mottu-Nunez reportedly threatened everyone present at a residence on East Moore Avenue with a BB gun Oct. 28, “brandishing it in a manner that caused alarm and fear for the safety of those present.” He reportedly was trying to “forcefully remove his wife, and in the process, injured her.”

In another case, Jonathan D. Capps, 21, of Cabot has been charged with class D felony terroristic threatening in the first degree. No court date had been set as of Monday afternoon.

After being arrested by Beebe police Oct. 19 on a domestic battery charge and being released on bail Oct. 20 from the White County Detention Center, Capps reportedly attempted to contact the alleged victim “numerous times” despite a no-contact order. She then reportedly learned that Capps was sending social media messages that he was going to kill her.

“Photographs of the messages were obtained” showing that they came from Capps, Detective Misty Goss with the sheriff’s office wrote in the affidavit after the alleged victim went to the sheriff’s office Oct. 27 to get an order of protection.

No court date had been set as well for Casey Joel Scott, 44, of Searcy, who has been charged with class C felony domestic battery in the second degree and class D felony terroristic threatening in the first degree.

Scott reportedly cut the alleged victim on the neck at a residence on Farmer Lane on Nov. 12, causing “a severe laceration” that had to be closed with seven sutures. The attack happened when an argument turned physical. The alleged victim reportedly said that he was able to take the knife from Scott and refused to give it back. It was turned over as evidence.

A witness reportedly said that Scott had threatened to shoot the alleged victim before putting a knife to his throat. Scott reportedly fled on foot after the attack. He was later found and arrested, but reportedly declined to be interviewed by detectives.

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