A 33-year-old Garner man accused of making a threat while holding an ax, striking two women and reaching into his pocket, where a “small, multitool ax” was found, and turning around “quickly” while being patted down by a deputy is officially facing multiple charges.

Cedric Dion Eddington was set to appear in White County Circuit Court this morning for plea and arraignment. He was not in custody at the White County Detention Center on Monday.

A warrant, with a $25,000 bond, was issued last week on two counts of class D felony aggravated assault, two counts of class D felony first-degree terroristic threatening, class D felony possession of less than 2 grams of methamphetamine, class D possession of drug paraphernalia with purpose to inhale methamphetamine, class A misdemeanor violation of a no-contact order and class A misdemeanor third-degree domestic battery.

According to the affidavit written by Detective Derek S. Warren of the White County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sidney Marini had went to a residence on Martinez Circle in Garner on Feb. 28 in response to a “physical domestic disturbance in progress.”

When she arrived, Eddington reportedly was walking away from the residence. She attempted to check him for weapons after “noticing a large item in the front of Mr. Eddington’s hoodie,” Warren wrote. That was when Eddington reportedly attempted to reach into the front pocket of the hoodie and “turn around quickly.” However, Marini was able to place him in handcuffs before reportedly finding the small ax in his pocket.

Marini then spoke to the two alleged victims. One of them reportedly said she had been told to come to the residence by Eddington “to collect her property.” Although he wasn’t there when she arrived, he came in while she was in the residence and threatened her mother “while holding an ax,” Warren wrote. He then reportedly struck her mother “after she pushed him away” before striking the other alleged victim “multiple times in the face.” Warren wrote that they both had minor injuries and “redness in the facial area.”

Before leaving the residence, Eddington reportedly “armed himself with a second smaller ax.” In addition to the two axes, Marini reportedly found “two glass smoking devices and a small baggie containing a crystal-like substance” in his backpack after he was placed under arrest. It was also learned that one of the alleged victims had a no-contact order against Eddington.

A warrant for class D felony aggravated assault on a family/household member also was issued last week for Kyler Lee Grammer, 33, of Judsonia. He was charged as a habitual offender.

Grammer was not in custody in White County on Monday, but was set for plea and arraignment this morning.

Grammer reportedly attacked the alleged victim in the bedroom of a Prospect Lane residence March 2, placing “both of his hands around her neck and ... squeezing and shaking her before shoving her backwards.”

According to the affidavit written by Judsonia Assistant Police Chief Joseph Gossett, “red patches” were seen on the alleged victim’s chest and neck along with scratches on “her left cheek and the back of her neck near the hairline.”

The alleged victim reportedly said Grammer had broken things inside the house and punched holes in the wall after becoming “enraged during a verbal rant.” She had fled to the bedroom before he allegedly attacked her. She reportedly said that she called the police and left the house without him knowing after he left the room.

“Since January 2018, Kyler Grammer has been arrested and charged with five separate acts of domestic battery,” all in Sharp and Independence counties, Gossett wrote. The alleged victim reportedly said that “both mental and physical abuse has been going on for years, but the violence is escalating and she is fearful of him.”

Another class D aggravated assault warrant was issued last week for 45-year-old Michael S. Garrison of Bald Knob. Garrison also was not in custody Monday and was set to appear in court this morning.

According to the affidavit written by Bald Knob Police Officer Dillon Chandler, the alleged victim said that she had been choked by Garrison on March 2 at a residence on Forbes Street “to the point she thought she was going to pass out.” He also had “hit her in the face,” she reportedly said.

Chandler wrote that he saw red marks on her face and neck, and she was taken to an emergency room because she “was having trouble breathing.”

Garrison reportedly told Chandler he was trying to get the alleged victim to leave and “pushing her arms away from him during an argument.” Police had been gone to the residence after a caller said the alleged victim had “called him saying she was being choked and slapped.”

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