A 29-year-old El Paso man received five years of probation in White County Circuit Court for stealing from the residence of a murder victim.

Timothy Alan Seigrist pleaded guilty Monday in a negotiated deal to class B felony residential burglary and class D felony theft of property.

It was reported to the White County Sheriff’s Office in May 2020 that Seigrist had broken into a residence in Romance and taken “several firearms.” Seigrist’s roommate provided information that the firearms were hidden inside their residence in El Paso, Detective Chris Ellis wrote in the affidavit. The firearms and “other property” belonged to 73-year-old Charles Hough, who had been murdered that March by Christopher Scott Brown of Romance and Tara Elizabeth Wilhite of North Little Rock.

Brown pleaded guilty in May to the murder and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Wilhite pleaded guilty in June and was given 35 years.

The property taken from Hogue’s residence on Skyview Circle by Seigrist was confirmed to have been his through photographs. It included a Marlin .22-caliber rifle, a Winchester 12-gauge shotgun, pump pellet gun, a Daisy Powerline pellet gun, a spotting scope, a pair of binoculars, two soft gun cases, partial and full boxes of ammunition and “a custom wooden box containing eight JFK 100th anniversary collection coins.”

Seigrist reportedly admitted to the thefts and said a Rossi MP .22-caliber rifle also was in his vehicle and a Connecticut Valley Arms .50-caliber muzzleloader was at a residence in Austin. Both also had belonged to Hogue.

Hogue’s daughter, Leslie Spier, told The Daily Citizen in August that her father’s house was broken into a week after his murder. “They stole all of his guns. They went over the yellow line, the [police] tape.”

In another burglary-related case, Dennis Earl Statler, 45, of Kensett had a class B residential burglary charge against him dismissed in exchange for pleading guilty Monday to two counts of first-degree terroristic threatening, a class D felony. He received a year of probation.

According to the affidavit written by Detective Mary Rudesill, a Kensett resident flagged an officer down to report that Statler had broken into his home in an attempt to find his wife, whose car he had seen in the resident’s driveway. The resident reportedly told police that Statler’s wife had been staying with him after she was physically assaulted by Statler two days prior.

Rudesill wrote that the resident said Statler had walked onto his front porch angrily yelling, “Where is she?!” Statler’s wife had been in the resident’s living room, but when he started approaching the house, she ran to the back bedroom to hide, and locked and barricaded the door. When Statler got to the door of the house, he reportedly yelled, “I’ll kick the [expletive] door in,” and repeated asking where his wife was.

Statler reportedly forced the door of the back bedroom open and his wife told him she was not leaving because she was “tired of him beating on her and threatening her.” As a response, Rudesill wrote, Statler started pulling out a silver Colt .45 pistol from his back waistband and said, “You’re gonna keep on and make me kill somebody.” He then reportedly looked at both his wife and the resident and said, “What if I just shoot both of you?”

During all this, the resident reportedly said he saw the Statlers’ 3-year-old son at the door, having been brought to the scene by Statler. Statler’s wife reportedly said she ran to her son and picked him up when she saw him, but Statler grabbed him away from her. He then took the child to his truck and drove away.

The resident reportedly said Statler had returned since then and threatened to “beat his head in” if he found out he had lied to him and promised to return with his “biker gang,” claiming he didn’t need a gun because of his fists. The resident reportedly had been staying at a friend’s house in fear of Statler following through with his threat.

On March 23, Statler admitted to police that he had kicked the resident’s door in while talking to Kensett Police Chief John Pollard about an unrelated case.

Information for this article was contributed by staff writer Greg Geary.

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