Judsonia is planning to repair its dog kennel this year after plans fell through because of COVID-19 to build a new one, Mayor Stan Robinson said.

“We were supposed to have Last Hope [K9 Rescue of Boston] come in and give us $8,000 to help build a new one and now it turns out our kennel is in such bad shape that we are going to go ahead and just fix the one we have, and hopefully this Last Hope comes in and we can put the kennel where we want it,” Robinson said. “We got a few donations, but most of it I just put it in the budget to take care of it. It will be about $3,500” to fix the current kennel.

Judsonia also received information Thursday, Robinson said, concerning a grant that the city is going to pursue to help the city with a new fire station.

Right now, Robinson said they have a fire station downtown and one in Depot Town. “We will shut the one downtown down I’m sure once we get that other one built.” He said the new one will be right next to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses at 908 Arkansas Highway 367.

Robinson also hopes to get the city’s activities going again during this new year.

“We missed out on our fireworks last year and we missed out on our Prospect Bluff Days,” Robinson said. “We had just got that started back and it was kind of a setback and disappointing for the city, and me as well because I worked hard to get those things back going again.”

Looking back at things that were accomplished in 2020, Robinson talked about the cleaning up of various properties. The city also purchased three police trucks, handled negotiations for a Verizon tower, completed construction on a community building and completed several police classes, including deescalation classes and radar certification. Overlays on several streets were completed, too, and a new canopy was built at Friendly Acres Park.

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