A Searcy couple will have to wait until Nov. 3 to find out the fate of their pet bobcat, Booger. Searcy City Attorney Buck Gibson said Hillary Ellis pleaded not guilty Thursday. It was her first appearance in court on this matter.

Joe Ellis said he was not allowed in the White County District Court-Searcy Division courtroom for the scheduled hearing Thursday. He said only his wife, Hillary, was allowed in. Ellis said he was going to have to hire an attorney.

The Ellis family attended a Searcy City Council agenda meeting last month to tell their side of the story about a ticket they received from Searcy Animal Control, saying they have to give it up. Hillary Ellis said they have had Booger since he was just under 6 weeks old and they got him from a breeder in Tennessee.

"He's 100 percent domesticated," Ellis told the council members as they looked through a packet of information that she provided them with on all of Booger's vet records and pictures of him in his enclosure in their backyard that is also fenced. Booger is just under 20 pounds.

Ellis said Booger "is part of our family. Never one time has he been let out to roam freely in our yard or home. You would have to go through a gate and three doors to access him. He was born in captivity and is completely domesticated."

Ellis told the council that Searcy Animal Control showed up at their house May 18 to inform them it had received a call about a wild bobcat that they had running around. She said she assured them that they did not have a wild animal running around anywhere in their yard or in their home.

Ellis said she was told by animal control that there was absolutely no reason for concern and she thought that would be the end of it but the following day, two officers showed up at the Ellis home and said they had been instructed to issue her a ticket and ordered "immediate removal of my pet."

Ellis said her husband left work early that day and had a conversation with Searcy City Attorney Buck Gibson. Ellis said Gibson "was extremely rude and hateful" to her husband. "He was very clear that he said he was interpreting a city ordinance to say that we could not keep our pet."

She brought information to the meeting from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, reading "you can safely have up to six bobcats either born in captivity or even taken from the wild as pets. They must also be in an enclosure, which our pet is. It also says we should provide a paper showing ownership. They also said we are not allowed to release the bobcat into the wild. We are also not allowed to sell or give them to another owner."

Gibson, Ellis said, "has been very vocal about the fact that he, and he alone, is the one interpreting this ordinance according to his sole opinion to read that our pet is as wild as a cougar and he wants us fines and our pet removed immediately.

The Ellis family brought letters of support from neighbors, supporting them for keeping Booger as their pet.

Gibson told Ellis that "it's not a civil proceeding, it's a criminal matter. In fact, each day any such wild animal remains on the property shall constitute a separate offense."

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What gives Buck the right to interpret the law to suit him? Why is he such a mean person and why does the city put up with him and his anger towards the good citizens of Searcy??These people have a domesticated pet that he insists is "wild as a cougar". Get a grip, Buck. You aren't God and someone needs to remind you of that daily apparently. Like I said before, it seems to me that game and fish is a federal agency and over rules the city and Bucky boy. He must hate himself because I've never seen him be anything but a nasty, mean and short tempered. I was hit by a kid who backed over me with someone's car. It pinned me between my SUV and his car. I was hurt badly with a broken leg and severe tissue damage. The kid didn't have insurance or a permanent address. I couldn't find him and my insurance wouldn't pay because they claimed it was a car accident and I didn't have full coverage auto insurance. By the way, it was municipal health benefits fund insurance. I just so happened to work for the city of Searcy at the time. The kid showed up in court and buck let him go. I wasn't able to sue him because I couldn't find him. I was sued and had to pay the hospital and ambulance costs out of my own pocket. The city was paying me $8.95 per hour at the time. I couldn't afford to live much less pay those bills. I got them paid but no thanks to buck. What a jerk! He gives the city a bad name. [angry][blink][thumbdown] #savebooger #firebuck #I would rather play with booger than deal with buck

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