Although COVID-19 precautions will make things a little different, Searcy’s Big Bloomin’ Weekend will be held this weekend, according to Mat Faulkner, one of the organizers.

“It’s just a way to encourage the community to get out and participate,” Faulkner said of the event, which he said has been around for a long time, usually around Arbor Day weekend. “We really encourage people to plant flowers and trees or paint fences or pressure-wash sidewalks and awnings. It’s basically spring time and a time to freshen everything.”

According to Faulkner, Big Bloomin’ Weekend has received great participation in the past.

“We had neighborhoods that would plant flowers or clean out the entrance to their neighborhood,” he said. “We’ve had schools that would get with their kiddos and plant flowers and things around their campuses.”

With social distancing being the order of every day now due to the coronavirus, Faulkner said the organizers asked several companies if they had a special discount or things they wanted to put on sale to go along with the weekend.

“All of the businesses we are highlighting are on,” Faulkner said. “Right now with social distancing, it’s a great way for families to get out and enjoy some of the springtime weather and hopefully there will be a economic boost for some of the companies participating.”

Those who do plan to get out and plant, clean or paint are asked to share “before and after” pictures on’s Facebook page or any other social media outlets.

“Just use the hashtag #bigbloominweekend,” Faulkner said, “just so people will be able to search it and see what you are doing.”

Getting out to enjoy springtime air, doing some spring projects and helping small businesses are the three big purposes of this special weekend, Faulkner concluded.

Sherri Sanders of the White County Cooperative Extension Service invites residents to check out her Sherri Sanders UAEX White County Agent Facebook page to get tips about spring gardening and other tips to help people “stay on their feet during COVID-19.”

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