In order to “do some work on the ballpark this summer,” the Bald Knob City Council decided last week to have the cost of mowing come out of the general fund instead of the ballpark’s fund.

Council member Dennis Rutherford, who is also chairman of the parks committee, made the request, saying “what we already have taken in out at the gate, we have already spent that and more.” He asked that the city reimburse the ballpark fund for the expense, which is $1,500 per month.

City Clerk-Treasurer Tammy Wools said $4,000 had been taken in at the gate at the ballpark. A motion was made to put up to $4,500 back into the ballpark fund and it was passed by the council.

Rutherford also told the council that some type of shadow box was need at the ballpark to post brackets “so when you are in tournaments, Coach [Garry] Vest [the parks director] can lock in and everyone can’t get into it because last time it [a tournament)] was held out there, people kept going and writing stuff in and Coach Vest would have to go back and correct it because it was all wrong.”

Council member Mary Lou Smith said she had a picture of one of these shadow boxes with plexiglass on each side with a lock on it that she saw online. “That way only one person could have access to tournament brackets that are out there for display.” A motion was made to spend up to $1,000 to purchase a shadow box and the council approved it.

Vest said the schedule at the ballpark were “completely full,” with both games and makeup games being played. “It is going to be tight.”

He said he also found out a couple of things concerning light outages at the park. Vest said he received a call from Iowa about the light outages, which he already knew about. He said the city has a 5,000 warranty on the system and a work order has been submitted to replace all the lights that are burnt out and the radio that sends a message to a satellite concerning outages.

Vest said it’s probable the company will come after the ball season because of the condition of the field since it will have to bring a heavy truck into the park to change the lights out. Surprisingly, Vest said, the company that works on the lights is out of Mount Vernon. He said the lights that are out are not affecting the ballplayers.

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