The Bald Knob City Council is expected to possibly look into updating its dog ordinance, requiring owners to keep them in a pen, after two residents brought up at Monday’s meeting a couple of small dogs having been killed by larger ones allowed to roam loose.

Bald Knob Mayor Barth Grayson told The Daily Citizen on Thursday that from what he understands, the large, aggressive dogs involved are no longer in the Bald Knob Country Club neighborhood.

However, Perry Wynn, one of the neighborhood’s residents, said in some cases, it has been a pack of five or six dogs running free.

“We lost two small dogs here in the last few weeks,” Wynn told the City Council. “I want to brag on the dog catcher. He got out there as soon as possible.” However, he said, “by the time he got there, the dogs had already gone around the corner.”

Wynn said he “pretty much knows” that the dogs involved were two pit bulls and they killed neighborhood resident Irma Nolen’s dog and his neighbor’s dog up the street. He said he walks his dog on a leash but worries about his dog being attacked.

“We don’t know what to do,” Wynn said. “We pretty much know where they are. We want to make the council aware of what is going on. It’s really a pain and we are worried about it. If you have a dog in the house, they will tear up the blinds barking at them [the big dogs outside], so it’s a real nuisance and we are uneasy when we get out.”

Grayson said the dogs should be in a pen. Nolen said “they have no fence. They come out whenever they want to come out.”

Nolen said her neighbor saw the big dogs come across her yard and her Yorkie took out after them. She said they looked for the Yorkie for two hours and then found her dead. “She had been cut throat,” Nolen said. “I think they [the neighbors with the big dogs] abused their citizenship in our town very severely.”

Nolen told Grayson as mayor he and the council should get the laws up to date concerning the dogs even though the covenants they have in the neighborhood are not up up to date.

Grayson then said the city needs to look at putting something in the city ordinance about residents keeping their dogs in a pen. “We don’t have an ordinance that outlaws vicious dogs.” He said there is a livestock ordinance.

“Why don’t we get it done?” Nolan asked, addressing the need to update the ordinance on dogs. “Barth, why don’t we get it done?” she asked again.

Bald Knob Police Chief Larry House said complaints about dog situations need to be called into the police department so a record can be made, documenting the incident. He said the animal control officer had been to the neighborhood to try to find the big dogs but the dogs were not out each time when he tried to find them.

Grayson advised Nolen that she and her neighbors should get their covenants updated and refile them. Wynn said they have been trying to update the covenants for about three months.

Nolen asked Grayson one more time if the city would bring the dog ordinance up to date so “something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Council member Mary Lou Smith spoke up, saying, “Yes, we are.” Grayson said the city would have to call a police committee meeting to discuss the issue. He said the committee would have something to recommend to the City Council at its May meeting.

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