A problem with dogs that were “terrorizing” a Bald Knob neighborhood has been “taken care of,” according to a couple who had addressed the Bald Knob City Council in April about large dogs running loose.

“I am very satisfied with the dogs being taken care of that were terrorizing our area out there” in the Country Club neighborhood, Erma Nolen said Monday night. “I appreciate your alls work on that, thank you very much.”

Perry Wynn said since he and Nolen addressed the council the last time, there has only been one stray dog out in the neighborhood. “Several of my neighbors have dogs and they keep them on a leash and take them out to go to the bathroom.”

Wynn thanked the city’s animal control officer, Preston Wallace, for making the situation better. According to officials, Wallace is patrolling the area more and the police chief and code enforcement officer are visiting the neighborhood to make sure the dogs aren't allowed to run loose

In April, Nolen told the council that some big dogs had killed her Yorkie and Wynn mentioned packs of larges dogs that were roaming the neighborhood.

Nolen also addressed the council about pigs running loose and abandoned vehicles.

She said her neighbors with the pigs were now cleaning up, saying she saw them taking out a few loads of trash. While the abandoned car problem is also getting a little better, according to Nolen, she asked Mayor Barth Grayson what the plan was to monitor the situation.

Code Enforcement Officer Wade Meachum said there were three cars on the neighbor’s property, and Grayson said one of them had a flat and the owner reportedly told him the cars were just there “temporarily.” Grayson said he told the neighbor to put his cars out front since he could not put them in the backyard due to an ordinance.

“They are hid,” Nolen said. “There are still two in the back. I don’t know why. We are keeping our eyes on it.”

“We all have a right to live where we live but we also have the privilege of living here in the United States. This is my hometown and I like to keep it clean and that’s why I think you need to keep the appearance up.”

Grayson answered, “Believe me, we are doing our best.”

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