Bald Knob officials have banned the sale of compressed air computer duster in the city, pending legal advice from its city attorney.

Police Chief Larry House requested the ban by the Bald Knob City Council last week, saying he didn’t feel he would be doing his job 100 percent correctly if he didn’t bring it up.

“The reason I say that is because it’s a freaking pandemic,” House said. “Right here in the city limits of Bald Knob, you can go in to three or four stores and buy it, but you can’t go into three or four stores anywhere in town and see it on the shelves.”

Councilman David Smith asked if it was being sold over the counter and House said customers have to go up to the counter and ask for it.

“You can buy it for like a dollar ninety-nine a can at Walmart, but it’s $10 a can here in Bald Knob,” House said.”It’s kind of shady if you can’t buy it from off the shelf.”

He brought up a bad accident involving a woman who had huffed duster that could have killed some children at Collison Park. He said the woman had to be med-flighted.

“It’s just getting out of hand,” House said. “I don’t know why in the world anyone would do that, but they huff this duster and go out of their head for something like four or five minutes. They don’t even know who they are or what they are doing and they do it driving.

“I’ve since learned that the pros know when they are coming down from being blowed out of their gourd; they hit it again. There was a guy the other day that was coming the wrong way down the freeway coming from Searcy.”

Grayson said he saw a video on Facebook of a person going around in circles from huffing duster who started talking crazy when he was coming down from his high.

A motion was made and passed to ban the sale of duster if the city legally can. Grayson said as of Monday, they still needed to get the advice of Bald Knob City Attorney Don Raney. House said Monday that he had spoken to Raney, but Raney did not know if the ban was legal since duster is not an narcotic and needed to look into it more before advising the city.

“It should be” a narcotic, House said.

According to therecovery, substances like air duster are “widely available, making it easy to become addicted. To stay high, users will often inhale repeatedly over a short time. This necessity is because air duster does not stay long in your system. However, inhaling repeatedly can be very dangerous and has led to deaths. An air duster high is characterized by both short-term and long-term effects and dangers. Huffing or dusting are the terms for using household aerosol products and inhalants to get high.”

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