A Bald Knob 19-year-old officially has been charged with second-degree sexual assault for reportedly having sexual intercourse with a female minor under the age of 10.

Mathew Daniel McIntire is set to appear in White County Circuit Court on May 4 for plea and arraignment on the second-degree class B felony charge, for which a warrant was issued recently at the request of the 17th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. He was arrested March 22 and remained in the White County Detention Center on Wednesday afternoon.

The alleged sexual assault was reported Feb. 5, 2020, and the child was interviewed and examined at the Child Safety Center of White County, “where she disclosed the offender had been ‘mean’ to her when she was trying to sleep,” Detective Cpl. Heather Meadows of the White County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the affidavit. Other information collected indicated that she was referring to sexual intercourse.

McIntire reportedly was interviewed at the sheriff’s office and denied any inappropriate touching, but “did admit she had viewed pornography in his presence by accident.” He agreed to DNA swabs, which were sent to the state Crime Lab “to be used for comparison,” Meadows wrote.

In August, Meadows wrote that “a male DNA profile was found” on swabs of the juvenile, “but there was not enough DNA present to use for comparison purposes.” Further testing was planned.

A warrant also was issued for a 43-year-old Beebe woman on charges of class D felony aggravated assault on a family or household member and class D felony aggravated assault upon a certified law enforcement officer along with enhanced penalties for offenses committed in the presence of a child.

Kara Elizabeth Fuller was not in custody at the White County jail Wednesday afternoon but is scheduled to appear in White County Circuit Court on Tuesday for plea and arraignment.

According to the affidavit written by Beebe Police Department Capt. Steven Hall, officers responded to a residence on Kamack Drive on Feb. 18 for a class about “a female attacking a male with a weapon.” However, they were advised while in route that the woman “no longer had a weapon in her hand.”

The alleged victim reportedly told police that he had been allowing the woman, Fuller, to “sleep in his garage because she had nowhere to go.” However, he had asked her to leave because he thought she was on drugs. During the ensuing argument, she reportedly “attempted to attack him with a pair of scissors.”

Although he got the scissors away from her while she was trying to stab him, he said she hit him with a toaster, with officers noting “a visible scrape on his left knee,” Hall wrote, and then grabbed a meat cleaver. She reportedly was coming toward the alleged victim in “a threatening manner,” but dropped the cleaver as officers drew near to the residence.

A “consistent” account of what transpired was given by a juvenile who also lives at the residence, Hall wrote.

As officers attempted to take Fuller to a patrol car, “she resisted and was kicking and screaming and had to be carried to the vehicle,” Hall wrote. She reportedly continued to resist as they put her in the vehicle and kicked the windows while inside. When her feet were being restrained, she reportedly beat her head on the window.

After Capt. Barron Dickson “got into the patrol car to transport her to the jail,” she spit on the right side of his face through “the mesh divider cage,” Hall wrote. She reportedly told him that she had COVID-19 and hepatitis.

A warrant was issued for another Beebe resident, 26-year-old Giles Christopher Copeland, on charges of class C felony domestic battery in the second degree and two counts of class A misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a minor, with enhanced penalties for offenses committed in the presence of a child.

Copeland also was not in the White County jail on Wednesday afternoon and no court date had been set.

He is accused of striking his girlfriend’s father in the head Dec. 12 after the alleged victim had jumped on the hood of the alleged victim’s vehicle at an El Paso residence when she attempted to leave in the vehicle during “a verbal altercation.”

The daughter reportedly “began to ‘whip’ the steering wheel to throw him from the car, which caused her to run into a ditch,” with two children under the age of 5 also in the vehicle.

The alleged victim said she got out of the car and started choking him while he tried to back away, Detective Misty Goss of the sheriff’s office wrote in the affidavit. “That is when he was struck to the head by Giles Copeland.” Because he knew that Copeland had a firearm, he reportedly said he went to the neighbors to call 911 because he “at first thought” he had been shot.

His daughter, Copeland the children reportedly left on foot. No shell casings were found in the area of the altercation and neighbors who had heard the argument both before and after the alleged victim was injured didn’t “report hearing a gunshot,” Goss wrote.

Copeland spoke to detectives at the sheriff’s office later that day and reportedly “admitted to striking the victim in the head with the end of his pistol.” Goss wrote that he said the alleged victim had struck his girlfriend “and he reacted in her defense.”

When they left the area, they slept in a deer stand in the woods, he reportedly said. Goss wrote that the low temperature in the area that night was approximately 32 degrees.

The alleged victim’s daughter “chose not to cooperate,” Goss wrote, because she had a warrant and “did not want to be away from her children.”

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