Searcy police are asking for the public’s assistance in their investigation of a 93-year-old woman being attacked and robbed at her home Wednesday around 1 p.m.

Lt. Todd Wells said the victim told police she was followed home by her attacker, whom she described as a younger Black woman with white bleached, shoulder -length hair. She said she first noticed her by the checkout inside the Walmart Supercenter.

“The victim told us the suspect then followed her out in the parking lot and asked her for a ride,” Wells said, with the victim telling her no.

Wells said the victim told police that after leaving Walmart, she went to the post office on Race Avenue then to her home. “Once at home, the suspect confronted the victim inside the home’s garage, where she forced the victim inside the home, pushing her to the floor. The victim reported the suspect then dumped the contents of the victim’s purse, stealing her money and her debit card.”

He said “the suspect could be in a black Dodge Charger somewhere around a 2006-2010 model.”

A similar incident, according to Wells, occurred in Pangburn “which we believe to be related.”

Pangburn Police Chief Bill Miller also said “we’re thinking” the two cases are related.

“Ours happened around 2 o’clock in the afternoon,” Miller said. “She followed the subject from [the] Walmart [Supercenter in Searcy] to her residence and she took her time to go in on the subject, put her down on the floor, held her there while she robbed her of her purse and cards and all that.”

Miller said the lady who was followed, attacked and robbed is “in her late 60s or maybe 70s.”

“We still believe Walmart Supercenter and all of our shopping centers are safe places to shop because this type of incident is very rare here in Searcy,” Wells said, “but we absolutely encourage everyone no matter where you are to always call us if something doesn’t seem right with someone around you or someone is acting out of the ordinary and-or suspicious towards you.”

Patrols around Walmart have been stepped up as well at all of the other shopping centers in the city, Wells said. He said the department always steps up patrols around the holidays and will increase them even more after this incident.

Anyone with information about the incident should call Searcy police at (501) 268-3531, and can remain anonymous, Wells said.

According to Miller, Facebook posts about the same suspect robbing a gas station are false.

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