A first-quarter survey by the Riverview School District showed that “86 percent of our teachers are feeling overwhelmed doing both on-campus and virtual right now,” according to Superintendent Stan Stratton.

At this month’s Riverview School Board meeting, Superintendent Stan Stratton highlighted the results of a recent first quarter survey and said “86 percent of our teachers are feeling overwhelmed doing both on campus and virtual right now.”

Riverview School Board President Robyn Roach asked at Thursday night’s board meeting, “I would say that would be statewide, wouldn’t it be?” And Stratton answered, “It is.”

“This is a subject that has come up on superintendent Zoom meetings I have been on, superintendent events that I have been at in person, so school districts are starting to address it and make some changes to the Ready for Learning plan,” Stratton said.

The Riverview academic committee that met over the summer is meeting this week and Stratton said it will be making some recommendations to the School Board on changing Riverview’s Ready for Learning plan. He said it is even possible that a special board meeting will be called before the next scheduled meeting in November to address the plan, because with this many teachers feeling overwhelmed it would be better to meet sooner rather than waiting another month.

Addressing another statistic from the staff survey, Stratton said 43 percent of teachers felt that they weren’t able to provide enough support to on-campus students and 82 percent of teachers feel like that they are not able to provide enough support to the virtual students. Seventy-six percent of teachers, Stratton added, think they are “double documenting with the virtual context.”

Stratton said some districts are going to start having one day as a virtual day. He said even if the district wound up having a virtual day, it would still have an option “for kids to come to the building that day” to meet state requirements and would probably be using their paraprofessionals to supervise.

In things the district is doing well, the top responses in the survey were that the district was positively engaging students on campus and virtually, developing relationships.

In answer to what one thing teachers would like to see changed in virtual instruction, Stratton said the top responses were to have a separate virtual class, having more prep time, having a virtual day and no virtual.

The academic committee for the Ready for Learning plan includes staff from every building, including classroom teachers. It is scheduled to meet Thursday.

Referring to differences in student achievement, Stratton said the percentage of students with at least one F is considerably higher (40 percent) for those doing virtual than on-campus students (19 percent).

Since teachers are overwhelmed and students aren’t doing as well, Stratton said the district does need to address the plan. If changes are made, they must be approved by the state, Stratton concluded.

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