A 17-year-old Searcy girl reported missing Sept. 22 still had not been located as of Monday afternoon, according to Lt. Todd Wells of the Searcy Police Department.

Wells said the detective working the missing person case involving Caylee Elizabeth Clark has had “two or three leads, and he has checked on all of them and they’ve all come up empty.”

Clark is described as 5 feet, 4 inches and of mixed race with brown eyes, brown hair and weighing 145 pounds. Wells said she actually called her mother a couple weeks ago and “asked why she was doing this to her (looking for her).”

“We think she is with a friend somewhere,” Wells said. “The Morgan Nick Foundation has picked it up and ran it on their end, which is pretty helpful. They have helped us on a few other things where we actually found people that we were looking for, missing persons.”

The Morgan Nick Foundation is a private organization and the Searcy police gives it all information they are allowed to give, he said. The foundation is named after an Ozark child who was kidnapped at age 6 on the evening of June 9, 1995, while playing with friends “just yards away from her mother during a little league game in Alma.” Morgan is still missing. The foundation is at the Arkansas State Fair this week in Little Rock, distributing ID bands to help prevent lost children.

“What we do when we take the initial report is we get all the height, weight, what they were wearing, where they were seen last ...,” he said. “We have to have a certain amount of information to get them entered as a runaway. If we haven’t found them within an allotted time, a detective will pick it up and they will immediately start working on it.”

Wells said the “typical runaway” among Searcy missing persons cases “is just mad at their parents or whatever or don’t come home on curfew. We typically find them within hours or the next day.”

However, he said, “In this case, she has run away and she’s in danger, obviously because of her age, her youth, but we don’t think there is any foul play, like kidnapping. It’s a runaway and the parents are worried sick as you can imagine and we are just doing everything we can to locate her and get her back.”

Wells said if anyone can help with information, they can call the Searcy Police Department at (501) 279-1038. “Any officer can take any lead or anything,” he said.

An Oct. 5 Facebook post from the Searcy Police Department said that Clark is believed to be in the Little Rock area.

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