Marriage licenses applied for through White County:

Friday, Nov. 1

• Roger Lee Haynes, 36, of Searcy and Savannah Rose Pasteka, 31, of Searcy

• Isaac Duwain Howard, 25, of Judsonia and Chelsea Ann Goshien, 24, of Judsonia

• James Carter III, 31, of Searcy and Mallory Elizabeth Voyles, 31, of Searcy

• Santos Ivan Robledo, 25, of Beebe and Alisha Marie Hawks, 31, of Beebe

• Phillip Casey Miller, 34, of Beebe and Mica Kristin Timms, 38, of Beebe

• Jordan Avery Russell, 29, of Bald Knob, and Rebecca Chandler Stabila, 20, of Bald Knob

Monday, Nov. 4

• Garrett Kieser Hoyt, 27, of Beebe and Christina Dawn Erwin, 26, of Beebe

• Trenity Ryan Roberts, 21, of Bald Knob and Raven Cheyenne Zavala, 22, of Bald Knob

• Dylan Kaine Delk, 23, of Williston, N.D., and Kaelynd Raigen Bradbury, 23, of Williston, N.D.

• Larry J. Goad, 71, of Bradford and Mavis Sue Coulson, 64, of Bradford

• Robert William Kidd, 50, of Searcy and Julia Marie Grant, 50, of Searcy

• Edward Harold Pegg III, 36, of Griffithville and Mary Katherine Dehli, 38, of Griffithville

Tuesday, Nov. 5

• John David Gooden, 28, of Searcy and Amanda K. Michaels, 27, of Searcy

• Christopher John Bench, 44, of McRae and Stephanie Dawn Webb, 43, of McRae

• Luther Jefferson Gardner III, 29, of Beebe and Chelsea Rae Mahoney, 27, of Searcy

Thursday, Nov. 7

• John Christopher Ashburn, 25, of Searcy and Sara Ashlyn Roibal, 22, of McRae

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