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Reader disagrees with downtown beautification

Dear Editor, Popular opinion seems to be that the downtown beautification is wonderful. Unfortunately I disagree, at least about the islands. Worse than useless, they are impediments that must be circumvented in order to

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Beautification project should not continue

Dear Editor, I must agree with Irma Terpenning (Letter to the Editor in Thursday's edition] regarding the downtown beautification project. What has been done is probably going to remain but I see no need to go further. The

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Vote for Issue 3 on ballot

Dear Editor, I am writing in support of the proposed constitutional amendment for economic development, which will appear as Issue 3 on the general election ballot in November. I am proud to work with the Searcy

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Come out and celebrate Veterans Day

Dear Editor, On Friday, Nov. 11, at 11 a.m., many citizens and veterans will be all around the White County Courthouse as we remember our veterans and celebrate Veterans Day. I do not think many people are aware

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Every vote makes a difference

Dear Editor, The intent of this letter is to encourage every registered voter, believer and non-believer alike, to go to the polls and exercise their God-given right on or prior to Nov. 8. It would be wise to

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Letter to the Editor: Reader challenges Searcy's Beautification Committee

Dear Editor, The purpose of this letter is to request that Searcy's Downtown Beautification Committee park their personal vehicles and those of their families and friends all around the court square (and its

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Theories about global warming

Dear Editor, I do not believe all I hear about climate change or global warming. All that talk about it being man made is often about "greenhouse gases." What is the biggest greenhouse gas of all? It is water

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Program gearing up to help seniors

Dear Editor, I realize that Christmas is just a few weeks away, so I'd like to get started on my mission to get our White County senior citizens adopted for Christmas and have some of their basic needs met.

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History cannot be changed

Dear Editor, I wish to respectfully disagree with Steve Watts' statement (Jan. 15) that the observance of Robert E. Lee's birthday should "go away." Contrary to his statement, it is impossible to remember history

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